About us

Welcome to the new website for AboutTime.

Junior LaniyanJunior Laniyan (Riverdance, Robbie Williams – Live at the Royal Albert Hall) has sourced some of the UK's most gifted rhythm tap dancers/choreographers to create the tap dance company AboutTime. Each individual brings their own unique experience and insight of the art form to collaborate as a company representing the UK on the world stage.

Past performances include The Paul O'Grady Show (Channel 4), Bath International Dance Festival, Unity Festival (O2 and Greenwich Dance Agency), regular guest appearances at the gDA Cabaret including the opening weekend for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad (Greenwich Dance Agency) and Aspects of Dance (This is the Night at Richmond Theatre).

AboutTime wish to continue in their pursuit of blowing preconceptions of the tap dance art form out of the water!

Current members

  • Junior Laniyan (2003-2009)
    Finding Synaesthesia, Riverdance (UK and Germany), New York On Tap, Turned On Tap, Feet Fusion Tap, Master Juba, Robbie Williams – Live at the Royal Albert Hall. Founder and host of the London Tap Jam.
  • Jessica Murray (2007-2009)
    Finding Synaesthesia, London Jazz Festival 2007. Founder of the Tap Rhythm Project in Manchester.
  • Annette Walker (2003-2009)
    Riverfront Jazz Festival, Magic Of The Dance. Co-ordinator for Tap Rhythm Project in London. Host of the renegade stage for the London Tap Jam.

Past members

  • Lee Payne (2008)
    Riverdance, Singing In The Rain, Magic Of The Dance.
  • Makeba Roach (2003-2006)
  • Simeon Weedall (2003-2008)
    STOMP West End, Chicago West End, Chicago International Tour, Magic Of The Dance, Hoofer for Coca Cola.