Technical requirements

Stage Requirements

  1. A floating or suspended floor, also known as a sprung floor, with a hard wood surface (e.g. oak or maple). Wood is the only acceptable performance surface for tap dance. It shall not be covered in plastic, linoleum or marley. Tile, brick, metal, marble, cobblestone, foam, grass, blacktop, carpet, and concrete floor surfaces are unacceptable.
  2. The stage area required is dependent on the act. Improvisation numbers can be done on smaller stage areas subject to prior arrangements. Generally for choreographed numbers: Width 20' x Depth 15'

Sound Requirements

  1. Four (4) PCC floor microphones secured to the wooden dance floor surface with black gaffers tape (Crown PCC-160, Crown PZM 30-D, or Shure Beta 91 PZM). Padding may be required between the floor and the microphone to reduce noise from floor vibrations.
  2. A sound engineer will be required for a sound check/technical rehearsal even when no band/musicians are used in an act.